ASICS: Beat The Sun.

Last month I journeyed over to Chamonix again to join the ASICS: Beat The Sun team for a 2nd year.

Providing Glidecam duties for a few days, this was without a doubt my most gruelling shoot to date.

Day 1 was incredible… Being sent up Aguiles du Midi, literally 2 minutes after arriving, to shoot the take-off of a paragliding bell-ringer, and to strap in to another para glider to shoot his descent down in to Chamonix. One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had and an amazing way to start a shoot.

Day 3, the real work began and more than made up for the fun I’d already had. Starting in Chamonix at sunrise, I was running with world-class athletes, Glidecam in hand, My legs screaming that I hadn’t done any running like this since high school.

We chased each of the 5 continental teams at as many points possible, through 3 countries around Mont Blanc, with them aiming to return back to Chamonix by sunset.

With the final team crossing the line around 9pm, this was a long, strenuous day. The other teams didn’t have it any easier; hiking 4 hours up Mont Blanc to get their shots, through blizzards, picking up injuries for the hike back, all whilst other teams relayed cards back to HQ for an edit to be sent out that afternoon & played at the party that evening – see top right.

As last year, it was an honour to work among such an amazing crew, not only behind the cameras but the ASICS team in general. This project has always been an incredible feat, but to see it grow yet again and pull people from all corners of the Earth is a pleasure to witness and do my bit.