BoomTown: Chapter 7

My favourite shoot of the year.

With miles of set design, a 7 year narrative and hundreds of characters; it’s the most fun shoot of the year too.

With the incredible work the build & theatrics crews put in, most of the visual work is done for us. When you have a set as beautiful as BoomTown, you just have to worry about not missing anything. The venues and the array of characters & costumes this year gave us more to work with than ever before, and the twisting storyline of BoomTown kept things fresh and fun to shoot.


It was amazing to see the revolution rising in BoomTown, witnessing the city changing and seeing citizens taking sides. We made sure to shoot as much storyline material before the gates opened, then we just had to keep up with the madness as we waited for the big takeover on the final day.


We had an awesome crew again this year, shooting on a range of A7s, GH4, 5Dmk3, FS700, F55. Each crew member was assigned to a District to easily cover the ground of the ever-growing city. And not only having a wicked crew and streets of craziness to shoot, BoomTown has the biggest, best line-up of all summer, every summer. Getting to shoot some of my favourite bands, seeing the Town Centre going crazier than I’ve ever seen, was a season highlight for sure.

I took on the edit for this, and having over 3000 clips to go through was a bloody pleasure.

Thank you, BoomTown – and everyone else who helped this one happen.