Yorkshire Til I Die

Cowboy Tactics and I had been discussing this idea for a while – a shiny new video for MC Devvo, a technical achievement for us and a chance to play with Movi-Hire’s toys.

A one-shot video, across 5 locations – including a bike theft, a 2-storey winch, 4 camera operators, a car theft, stolen panties and a chip robbery – this was destined to be the most ambitious Devvo shoot to date.

The house was sourced from Leeds mates and we ran rehearsals the day before we shot. Having to force/break/smack open one of the windows in the house and then fix the old Royal Mail bike a few times wasn’t an ideal start, but once the scene was set we were ready to practise the winch system, and practise, and winch and repeat.


The winch was the biggest obstacle of the weekend, but the boys upstairs nailed it by the end of the shoot. On shoot day, the Donny Soldier was on top form, keeping the crew entertained between dry spells, and ready for a thieving between the wet.

I took the sequence following the winch, through the house, downstairs and passing the camera into the car. Un-clipping the camera from the winch smoothly with Ben, directing Devvo through the house and handing the rig over to the operator hidden in the back of the car was a fun run to have.

We split directoral roles between Cowboy Tactics & Skewiff, and had a large crew all contributing in an amazing way. The motivation & sense of achievement by the end was amazing, a long but super-fun day.

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