Brusher: Free Animated Font

I have been using Vlad Cristea’s awesome hand-drawn, Brusher script font on a series of videos for Tucan Travel recently. I decided to animate the font to liven up the titles and add some colour to the intros.

The animated font has now been packaged up for use in your own projects!

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Skewiff: 2017

I wanted to compile a list of all the projects I’d completed this year, along with some others I have contributed to, to try and figure out where 2017 disappeared to. Here are almost all of the videos I hit the render button on, and a few I was proudly involved with.


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Calais Fire Engine

In November 2015, a team of volunteers visited the refugee camp in Calais to offer help where needed. From the events they witnessed in their short trip, they were inspired to build a much needed fire engine, and donate it to the camp.

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BoomTown Extras

With some of the spare BoomTown footage this year, I put together a few little extra videos to some of my favourite sets of the weekend.

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Yorkshire Til I Die

Cowboy Tactics and I had been discussing this idea for a while – a shiny new video for MC Devvo, a technical achievement for us and a chance to play with Movi-Hire’s toys.

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ASICS: Beat The Sun.

Last month I journeyed over to Chamonix again to join the ASICS: Beat The Sun team for a 2nd year.

Providing Glidecam duties for a few days, this was without a doubt my most gruelling shoot to date.

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BoomTown: Chapter 7

My favourite shoot of the year.

With miles of set design, a 7 year narrative and hundreds of characters; it’s the most fun shoot of the year too.

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Some test footage from 2013. Shot on a GoPro3 Black from a Franken-Drone Crius AIOP / MegaPirateNG Quadcopter.

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